Natulique - Spray & Leave Conditioner

Producttype: Conditioner
Hair type: All hair types
  • revitalizes the hair
  • protects the hair
  • moisturizes the hair
  • perfect for detangling
  • perfume free

The Spray and Leave Conditioner is a natural conditioner to optimally revitalize the hair and protect it against all kinds of external influences. A unique formula with plant proteins and highly beneficial natural oils and extracts help your hair strands to retain moisture and hydrate the hair.

Ideal for detangling, softening and nourishing all types of hair and for comprehensive protection all day long. 


Biologisch açai: with a rich cocktail of omega and amino fatty acids, magnesium, zinc and vitamins A, B, C and E, keeps roots strong, stimulates hair growth and ensures a healthy scalp, is a powerhouse of essential nutrients, proteins, omega fatty acids and vitamins to maintain a healthy scalp and strengthen hair from the roots
Blueberry Fruit extract: moisturizes and prevents hair from deteriorating
Mango extract: is extremely rich in vitamins A, C and Beta Carotene helps prevent dry scalp and hair


With the handy spray you spray it in your hair, it is not necessary to rinse. Super handy!

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