Natulique - Curls & Waves Shampoo

HAIR TYPE: Curly hair

  • gives the hair shine and strengthens the hair
  • prevents frizz
  • creates natural curl pattern

Love your curls! The Curly Girl Method is a hair care routine that emphasizes the use of natural ingredients and techniques to enhance the natural curl pattern of curly or wavy hair.

However, it is also important that the hair gets the care it needs and that there are no other harmful ingredients in the products. The Curls & Waves products give you the perfect combination of nutrition and ingredients for a beautiful and healthy curl.


aloe vera sap: is the perfect ingredient for curly hair and provides both moisture and softening. Its moisturizing qualities are essential for curls, which tend to be drier and more prone to frizz. Full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, aloe vera juice nourishes both the scalp and hair and promotes hair health. Plus, it helps balance the scalp's pH for healthy hair growth and forms a protective barrier around each hair to lock in moisture and boost shine.
Haverextract: is a miracle ingredient with soothing, moisturizing and protective qualities. It nourishes the scalp and hair, reduces irritation and dryness and forms a protective barrier to lock in moisture and ward off environmental damage. Rich in nutrients such as proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals, it improves hair elasticity by moisturizing, conditioning and protecting the hair, soothing the scalp for healthier hair growth. 

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