My name is Tony and my passion is to make people and nature a little more beautiful! I have made this my job and I use vegan and organic care products for your skin and hair!

I have normal/dry and dehydrated skin. These are my favorites at the moment

I think laugh lines are fine and even beautiful, but it is important to take good care of the skin around the eyes and the skin! A natural eye cream and lip contour cream is a very good addition to your daily facial care. 

In addition to the superfood 360 serum and the Multi Peptide 360 Moisture Cream the 360 concept also has the 360 Eye & Lip contour. 

The 360 ​​concept of Evolve Organic Beauty makes your skin firmer. These natural care products are therefore ideal for aging skin. The 360 ​​Eye & Lip contour has an invigorating mix of probiotics, which optimally care for the skin around the eyes and lips. 

I use the 360 ​​Eye & Lip contour every morning and evening. This product can be combined with all Evolve Organic Beauty products.

You can shop this favorite here: 360 Eye & Lip Contour Cream


I think the miracle mask is a treat for you and my skin!

After using this AHA fruit mask, your skin immediately feels softer. It makes your skin glow! 

What makes this mask so special? The Peruvian Maca in this mask helps to accelerate the skin's cell renewal and thus reduces the aging process!  

The advice is to use the mask 1 or 2 times a week, especially when you are just starting with the products of Evolve Organic Beauty. I use this mask about once a week for my face and neck, but I always feel what my skin needs. If my skin is well balanced, it may also be that I skip the mask once.

The Miracle Mask can be combined with all Evolve Organic Beauty Products.
You can shop this favorite here: Miracle Mask

The Miracle facial Oil is an all-rounder!

The organic black seed oil in this oil nourishes and soothes the skin and prevents skin aging.  
This facial oil I use it in all sorts of ways! A few times a week I only use the facial oil for the night, but I also often add a drop of Miracle facial Oil to my day and night cream.

You can shop this favorite here: Miracle Facial Oil 

Never dry hair again! 

Ever since I discovered the Natulique Moroccan Argan Oil, I can't live without it. This fantastic hair oil does so much for your hair!

This natural argan hair oil makes your hair soft and smooth and repairs dry and damaged hair. I use 2 to 3 drops on wet or dry hair.

You can shop this favorite here: Morrocan Argan Oil


The day cream for your hair!

My hair gets a beautiful shine with the Natulique Nourishing Hair Cream. I apply this natural hair cream with argan oil to towel-dried hair or slightly damp hair and I always give some extra attention to the ends.

You can shop this favorite here: Nourishing Hair Cream


You protect your skin from the sun, but don't forget your hair!

Especially during the summer I use the Natulique Heat and Sun Protector daily to protect her hair well against the heat and the sun.

In addition, the Heat and Sun Protector gives the hair shine, reduces frizz and makes the hair smooth. This is how I make sure my hair stays healthy. I also use this spray for blow-drying my hair and the hair of my haircut customers so that everyone's hair is well protected against the heat of the hair dryer. 

You can shop this favorite here: Natulique Heat and Sun Protector