The summer holidays are just around the corner and we are going out! Lazing in the garden, sunbathing on the beach, hiking in the mountains, long bike rides through nature, sitting on terraces, splashing children in the sea, strolling along the boulevard, we are all looking forward to it!
The temperature is rising, the sun is shining! We all know that a really good sunscreen is a must have and that UV rays can damage our skin. We don't want premature wrinkles, fine lines or pigment spots. In addition, the risk of skin cancer is very high if you do not properly protect your skin against the sun.

Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate
Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate, that's the advice we read so often and we know it too! Yet I could never prevent myself from being burned by the strong rays of the sun. I underestimated the strength of the sun or didn't have sunscreen with me in a situation.
Smear, smear, smear, I became increasingly aware of how often you apply sunscreen during a day at the beach and what impact that has on your health and the environment. Many sunscreens penetrate deep into the skin, these harmful ingredients enter your bloodstream and this can have all kinds of consequences such as disrupting the hormones. Some UV filters and other ingredients affect marine life, they can be toxic to small marine life or damage coral.

A natural sunscreen with the most reliable protection!

Then I came across Sunseal by Microskin: a natural sunscreen that could give me the most durable and reliable sun protection. Never before has there been a sunscreen that does its job so effectively and also takes nature and our health into account.

Sunseal by Microskin is made in Australia using patented Microskin™ technology. Organic UVA and UVB blockers are manufactured to the highest standards to give you the best sun protection. Sunseal by Microskin is approved by the FDA and European guidelines.

Sunseal is not absorbed into the skin. 

SunSeal MicroskinTM is applied to the skin in liquid form and, while drying, leaves a microscopically thin, waterproof film on the surface of the skin. It feels and looks like natural skin. In contrast to creams or lotions, SunSeal Microskin is not absorbed through the skin, but partially penetrates the outer horny layer of the skin. It then binds to it, which creates an elastic film of protection.

A sunscreen that lasts for 3 days!

The natural sunscreen stays on the skin for no less than 72 hours if the skin is not cleaned intensively!

Just like brushing your teeth!

Sunseal is also ideal for children. Your child is optimally protected against the sun and can enjoy his freedom! As a tip I want to give you, make rubbing your child into a daily routine, just like brushing your teeth! They often like to rub themselves in, make it a pleasant moment with your child and teach your child that good protection against the sun is just part of it!

I am very enthusiastic about this beautiful natural product and I hope you opt for optimal reliable protection for your skin and the environment.
Enjoy your holiday, each other, nature!

Love, Tony

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