Evolve - Pro+ Ectoin Soothing Cream

Producttype: Face cream
Skin type: Sensitive skin

  • hypoallergenic
  • perfume free
  • soothes the skin
  • protects and strengthens the skin
  • moisturizing

Soothe your skin! This organic moisturizing cream for sensitive skin helps to reduce skin stress, restore and soothe the skin while strengthening and protecting the skin barrier.

Chaga Mushrooms help boost skin's resilience, while Ectoin and Camellia Oil help reduce redness, protect the skin, restore moisture and bring relief to dry, flaky and sensitive skin.

Dermatologically tested, Pro+ Ectoin Soothing Cream is hypoallergenic in perfume free.

Natural 99.%
Organic 42,9%


Chaga Mushroom-extract: helps strengthen the skin's protection system.
Ectoïne-glycoproteïnen: provide protection against pollution and aging while reducing skin irritation.
Camellia Oil: restores moisture levels and nourishes the skin, relieving dry and sensitive skin.


Apply a small amount to cleansed skin. Massage into face and neck, being careful around the delicate eye area. For best results, use this moisturizer in both your morning and evening skincare routine


With any new product, we recommend doing a patch test if you have sensitive skin.

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