My name is Tonny and my passion is to make people and nature a little more beautiful! I have made this my job and use vegan care products!

I'm a hairdresser. Every day I am happy with my choice for the hairdressing profession. In addition, I have gained knowledge in the sale of perfumery and skin care, which is now very useful. 

I work with vegan care products that are made with care and passion. Products that have as little impact as possible on our nature, but are a wonderful boost for skin and hair, that makes me very happy!

Nature plays an important role in my daily life and in my private life I choose a healthier more conscious life. In my work I increasingly felt the need for sustainable care products that can be used purely for skin and hair. I started to study and I became so enthusiastic that I switched to brands that work with natural ingredients.

It turned out that I could also enthuse and convince my friends and my customers to switch to using natural products. I received compliments that my products really made a difference. This made me so happy! This inspired me to start an organic shop in care products.

I promise to be honest. Choosing products with natural ingredients gives you an effective result for your skin immediately and it is also an easy step to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable life. I make my choices selectively, I stand behind them 100% and in this way I contribute to the environment with love and attention.

On my site I explain per brand what the brand stands for, what it does to your skin or hair. You will then find all products in the organic shop, with a clear and honest description of the product. If you are not quite sure, you can email me via the contact form and we will see which product suits you best. 

Together we keep nature in balance!